The first relaxing month of summer has slipped by, and July is the month to get tutoring for reading and comprehension skills. If your child is skipping words or garbling them when she or he reads aloud to you, then you can know that she's not getting the meaning. No wonder the child doesn't like to read. But, a few short weeks of expert training can make a huge difference for reluctant readers!

Many children just don't understand the basics about how the English language works. They don't know what to do when a word begins with 'gn' (gnome, gnat) or has a group of letters that look like this: 'augh'  (daughter and laugh),  or 'ear' (pearl, heard). And how do you tackle a new word such as 'patiently'? 

Generally, by the end of the second grade, students are expected to know how to read. Third grade is a real jumping-off point for reading materials. More advanced words and more pages are required for homework reading. There are too many new and longer words for many learners to handle, and homework can become a battleground.

At this point, parents start calling me to get help. It's much better to get tutoring help before after-school meltdowns and homework refusals begin. I have been a successful reading and spelling tutor for more than twenty years. We usually see word attack skills improve two or more years of grade level in six weeks. With improved decoding skills, the reading comprehension gets a big boost, and reading becomes enjoyable! Do this now, while there's more time in your schedule.

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