Most of the children I test for processing and reading skills show deep deficiencies in auditory processing, which is critically important for good reading ability, comprehension and social interaction. So many struggle with reading (and therefore, with all their academic subjects) and may never know the joy of getting into a really good book! The Listening Program has proven itself with my clients over and over in developing those very necessary auditory skills.

This morning as I read research studies posted to the Advanced Brain Technologies site, I found more about the positive effects of sound therapy for students with Downs Syndrome and with Autism.  I was not surprised to read the impressive results shown for twelve children with Autism. These children had completed only half of the program when they were retested. Significant improvements were found in eleven areas, such as: using more words, following instructions, mixing with children, swimming, better sleep patterns, coordination, reduced fidgeting and more food tolerances.

Research Study - Improving Auditory Skills for Children with Autism

In another study, nine Downs children (also retested halfway through the twenty-week program) also showed very good progress. Their parents recorded: able to listen better, using more words and stringing more words together, clearer speech, more compliant, better coordination, among other improvements.

An article for the TLP/Downs research.

Hope this is helpful and encouraging!


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