If you suffer from brain fog, memory loss, cognitive impairment, dementia or mental decline, sound therapy can enhance your quality of life resulting in improved mental clarity, concentration and energy.

Let's keep smart, effective brains all our lives! Science used to say that age-related dementia and mild cognitive impairment were untreatable signs of mental decline.

Research studies show that brain training can prevent and even reverse the decline of:

Senior Citizens

  • memory
  • concentration
  • auditory skills
  • even improve driving skills

Automobile insurance companies now acknowledge the benefits of incorporating brain fitness exercises to improve alertness and driving skills of senior citizens or the elderly. Recovering stroke and MBI patients progress through rehabilitation therapies much faster when on a sound therapy program.

Case study

Richard, 78 years old, had low energy, brain fog, slumping posture and slow response time. He started the (least expensive) sound therapy program, listening thirty minutes a day, and noticed new energy and good mood changes within a week! After two months, he had:

  • increased attention span
  • improved organization
  • better short-term memory
  • quicker response time
  • better, clearer sentence structure
  • better posture
  • more flexibility, and 
  • a more consistent energy level.
 Richard is very happy with his progress and continues his sound therapy program!

The Listening ProgramConsider the possibilities! Just as we exercise our bodies to stay physically healthy and flexible, we can exercise our processing skills to maintain independence and a better quality of life, aging with more energy and self-confidence. We’ve got what you need here at Austin Learning Solutions!

Sound therapy is a music and sound stimulation method which retrains the ear and the auditory pathways for increased learning, attention, communication, listening and, sensory integration. Sound therapy can be used even with hearing aids or cochlear implants to improve receptive listening ability. Thirty minutes a day, several days a week, on this very enjoyable program will enhance your processing skills and add to your quality of life. One set of listening equipment is needed per household, and it is affordable for most people. Sound therapy is easy and pleasant and can be carried out at home, having short, weekly email or phone consultations with your provider.

Contact Ann Conolly today to discuss sound therapy and how a program may improve your quality of life. Fill out our contact form or call 512-657-0126.

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