Cognitive Therapy

Pace Processing and Cognitive Enforcement

Cognitive therapy, based on the PACE program, utilizes a series of challenging exercises that rapidly improve concentration, recall abilities and processing speed.

Cognitive skills are the processing or brain skills each person must have in place to learn well. The PACE Program (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) builds maximum improvement in processing skills rapidly through cognitive training. Our students average over 3.6 years of improvement in their deficient skills in just three months of intensive work with fun, challenging procedures. After sixteen years of offering the PACE program, we see that it is still the quickest way to make big processing skills changes.

PACE would be a great choice if your child or student is having difficulty learning in one of the following ways:

  • paying attention
  • learning to read or spell (struggles to sound out words)
  • slow with math facts
  • does not complete assignments
  • memory
  • comprehending or understanding
  • working too hard for what is achieved

PACE integrates well into other therapy programs designed to treat those with processing disorders such as auditory processing disorder, sensory integration disorder or visual processing disorder.

Contact Ann Conolly today to discuss cognitive therapy and how the PACE program may benefit you or your child. Fill out our contact form or call 512-657-0126.


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