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We Offer iLs Sound Therapy

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Does your child struggle with attention in the classroom or have difficulties with changing different environments? Integrated Learning Systems(iLs) are educational programs that incorporate different aspects of learning, including sensory integration, technology, and instructional strategies, into a unified approach. These systems are designed to improve the quality of education and increase students' academic performance, engagement, and attention in the classroom. Here are some reasons why children should participate in an iLs program: 

Multisensory Learning: iLs programs use a variety of teaching stimuli, including  auditory, vestibular and kinesthetic approaches, to engage students and enhance their learning experience. This multisensory approach can help children better retain information and improve their attention and focus in the classroom.

The parasympathetic nervous system(PNS) activation:  The PNS  is the branch of the autonomic nervous system that helps regulate the body's rest and digest response. When the PNS is activated, the body is in a relaxed state, which is optimal for learning and cognitive processing.: The relaxed state induced by the PNS can also foster creativity and imagination. Children are more likely to come up with innovative ideas and approaches to problem-solving when they are in a relaxed state, rather than feeling pressured or stressed.

It is completed from the comfort of your home with our guidance and expertise.  

Austin Learning Solutions now offers full time access to the Integrated Learning System’s FOCUS program which utilizes the strategies listed above. In conclusion, signing up for an iLs FOCUS program can provide children with a personalized, multisensory, and integrated approach to learning, which can improve their academic performance, engagement, attention, and overall success in the classroom. Parents should consider FOCUS programs as an investment in their child's future and academic success.

Dr. William Merring PT
Neurological Clinical Specialist
Austin Learning Solutions
(512) 609 - 0745

Katelyn Merring

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