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We Specialize In

Dyslexia and Overall Reading Intervention

During our one hour one-on-one clinical sessions, we focus on areas such as:

  • Decoding
  • Handwriting/letter formation and letter reversals 
  • Spelling and writing 
  • Sound/symbol association
  • Phonological awareness and auditory processing 
  • Introducing a new sound and continuously
    reviewing previously taught sounds
  • Mutli-syllable strategies
  • Fluency and reading rate 
  • Comprehension 
  • Processing skills 
  • Working memory 
  • Test-taking skills
  • Best note-taking practices 

We believe in going to back to the basics! We find and improve upon any cracks in the child's previous phonics foundation. We use a multisensory approach that helps students to retain information such as the sounds and symbols of our language. In addition, we train the child along with their parents in these methods so that parents have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to carry out home practice with their child between clinical sessions. 

We are certified in the Phonographix Reading Method and have been for over 20 years. We have continued to use this program due to the high reading and spelling success rate we have seen in our students. Over the years, we have noticed that this program really clicks for students with dyslexia due to its individualized explicit instruction and simplicity. We often hear parents say, "I wish I was taught to read this way!" And we couldn't agree more!

More About The Phonographix Program

The Phonographix program is a research-based approach to teaching reading and spelling skills. It is designed to help students develop strong phonemic awareness and phonics skills, which are foundational to reading and spelling proficiency. The program focuses on teaching students the relationship between letters and sounds by explicitly and systematically instructing them on letter-sound correspondences, phoneme blending and segmenting, and word analysis skills. Phonographix emphasizes the importance of understanding and manipulating phonemes (individual sounds) in spoken language and connecting them to written symbols. By providing explicit instruction and practice, the Phonographix program aims to empower students to become independent readers and spellers.

What makes this program so unique and effective?

  • Phono-Graphix is based on the nature of the English code as described by linguists. Instruction trains the brain to listen to the sounds in a word, read all the way through a word from left to right (instead of seeing the beginning and end and making a guess), mapping (writing) words as the sounds are said aloud. 
  • Lessons focus on three skills: segmenting, blending, and phoneme manipulation.

  • Lessons seek out teachable moments - every response which doesn't produce a meaningful answer becomes a highly teachable moment. Memory networks are laid down through multisensroy instruction: sound to symbol/symbol to sound, and each response is reinforced by accuracy.

Because our clientele are children, the program is taught in keeping with the way children learn, through paired association embedded in engaging, hands-on, straightforward lessons.

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