Are you a reading “tutor”?
We can offer tutoring services, but at Austin Learning Solutions we are more than a tutoring service. The true heart beat of ALS is supporting students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and auditory processing deficits through quality multisensory instruction. ALS has experienced teachers that specialize in training students with dyslexia to be successful lifelong readers. We provide remedial instruction and training that rewires the brain to help students overcome reading struggles. Consistency is key to a child’s progress, so we work closely with the parents and train them in our methods. We highly encourage parents to sit-in on their childs’ first sessions until they feel like they have the tools needed to support their child at home.

Aside from serving students with reading challenges, we also offer cognitive training and executive functioning skills through an intensive therapeutic brain training program called PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement). Some people are skeptical of brain training programs, and we understand that! Not all brain training programs are created equal. However, PACE is head and shoulders above the rest because it builds and strengthens the processing skills that are necessary to make learning easier and faster. We have seen students’ confidence and cognitive abilities grow and make life changing progress through this program.


What time of day do you meet with students? Can my child meet with you during their school day?
We meet with students in our office between the hours of 7am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. We are not open on weekends. We write a "please excuse" note for all students that meet with us during school hours.  

As parents, you are legally allowed to have your child come to ALS during the school day once a week for one-on-one private sessions. In the rare event that your child's school has any an issues with that, they can contact us for more information.


What program or approach do you use when teaching reading?
We use the Phonographix program when teaching phonics. Our instruction and methods are aligned with the science of reading which is backed by years of scientific research. Many other popular phonics programs, commonly adopted by school districts and other providers, tend to use a multitude of rules and encourage blends and letter names. We find these methods to be a hurdle for struggling readers. We do things differently because we keep it simple, hands on, and most importantly, effective!

We incorporate a multisensory approach to phonics lessons that combine visual, auditory, handwriting and kinesthetic-tactile activities. A multisensory approach can help focus a child’s attention and enhance their memory and ability to learn.


How long should we expect to have our child work with you?
Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job with you! It’s hard to say exactly how long we will be working with your child since every learner is so different. On average, we work with students from six months to a year. We DO NOT lock families into a contract. We invoice families weekly or monthly depending on your preference. 


Why do you do an assessment before working with your child? Do you diagnose? 
Assessments are important because it gives us a starting point and our written reports give parents a deeper understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Our evaluation, client history forms, and checklists allow us to see the child as whole and design our instruction to meet their needs. We use screeners during our assessments, this means we do not diagnose. We believe you do not need an official diagnosis to treat the symptoms. However, a diagnosis can be very helpful with getting your child the support they need at school. We can connect you with several highly recommended clinical psyhcologists in the greater Austin area.

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