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Age 4+

Establish Strong, Healthy Reading Habits

Your child does not have to struggle with reading to work with us!

One of our favorite things to do is teach young children (as young as four years old and up) how to read and establish strong, healthy reading habits from the very beginning of their reading journey.

We love getting students and parents started on the right foot by showing how our English code works and diving into a multisensory systematic phonics approach. While we teach your child the foundation of reading, we are training you, the parent, right along with them. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to confidently implement these practices at home too! 

Science has a lot to say about reading and how to teach it. Plenty of evidence shows that children who receive systematic phonics instruction learn to read better and more rapidly than kids who don’t. Having a strong phonics base from the beginning helps prevent bad reading habits and possible reading issues later down the road. 

Accelerate your child's reading journey contacting us by phone or email. We can't wait to give your little one a jump start on reading!

Watch Ann, the founder of ALS, help Zachary practices his advanced code skills!

"A child who is confused about reading needs to be taught how our language works. Learning to read English is not as difficult as it’s reputed to be."
- Ann Conolly

Digraphs for the sound ‘ee’ are taught in this lesson (ee, ea, ei, ey, e, y, i).This video demonstrates the Phono-Graphix techniques for teaching children to read.

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