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New Year, New Program!

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Say hello to Fast ForWord, Austin Learning Solutions’ brand new program launching by the end of January. Fast ForWord will allow our students to continue what they are learning during in-person sessions at ALS while they are at home, too. This means home practice, between weekly sessions, will have a paper and pencil (ALS workbook) AND an online component (if we think this Fast ForWord is best for your child). 

Fast ForWord is a unique brain-based software that targets the causes of most reading and learning delays. It was developed by four world-renowned neuroscientists and has been backed by over 300 research studies and a plethora of respected institutions including Stanford, Cornell and John Hopkins. It follows the MAPS model, where students learn to improve memory, attention, processing and sequencing before addressing any reading. With a strong basis in neuroplasticity, the program uses the principles of frequency and intensity to make changes that last. As an adaptive reading program that sets learners up for success with intensive, 1-on-1 instruction in foundational language and literacy skills while also building the cognitive capacities, it supports strong reading and learning. Fast ForWord doesn’t just build better readers; it builds better learners.

Annalyse Tanzos

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