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If Your Child Avoids Reading

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Red Flag Warning: Any Child Who Doesn't Like to Read!

If your child avoids reading, here are good tips from Ann:

  1. Have your child read aloud to you 15 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week, consistently.
  2. Don't say the word he struggles with, but help him sound out words. It is critically important for every reader to know how to sound out words.
  3. Don't let him skip words or misread (example: reads that for than, of instead of for ).
  4. For the 'good reader' who doesn't remember what she has read, do this exercise: She reads aloud, pausing slightly to tap once at each comma or semi-colon, and tapping twice at the end of each sentence. She cannot be voicing while tapping. This allows the brain time to catch up, and with time and practice, builds in a good habit of recognizing punctuation.

If your child doesn't make significant progress after a month or so, call us. We do some of our BEST work at the reading table!  Here's a comment from one 6th grader: "Miss Ann, I like to read now!"  This young lady now enjoys her studies as an art student at a well-recognized college in Georgia. Her parents told me recently that, through high school, Tanya's "nose was always in a book"!

Ann Conolly

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