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What is Growth Mindset?

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Grow Your Mindset 

A Growth Mindset means that you recognize your brain is a muscle.  Like all muscles, they need exercise to stay healthy and become stronger.  You exercise your brain with critical thinking and challenging yourself mentally letting you “grow” smarter!  But how does that work?  Your brain is made up of neurons that connect to each other with electrical signals.  These connections between neurons are how you know and do the things that you do.  However, the connections between your neurons can be changed and improved by challenging yourself (exercising your brain).  Doing this means you can learn new things or do things you already know but better. 

Trying new things or practicing and improving on things you already know can be difficult at times.  You may even feel stuck and that you will never get it.  That’s when it’s important to remember that you can always ask for help. We all learn and develop differently so asking for someone’s help means you may get a different perspective that can help you move forward.  By continuing to challenge yourself, even when you do not succeed right away or it seems like it’s taking a lot of time, you are still exercising your brain and ensuring it continues to grow.  This means you have a Growth Mindset! 

Check out these videos! They are great to play for your child to help them change their mindset! 

Annalyse Tanzos

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