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A Reading Tutor... and More

academic tutoring AustinIf your child simply needs a reading or spelling tutor, Austin Learning Solutions has 20 years experience in effective reading tutoring. You may skip to Reading Tutor & Dyslexia Services below.

If your child's needs seem to be bigger than just a reading problem or there is already a diagnosis of CAPD, SID, ADD or ADHD, read on.

Reteaching or drilling academic material doesn't improve the quality of life for children who struggle with processing skills deficiencies or ADD/ADHD. Going to the root of the problem intensively and consistently with child-specific interventions is needed. Spending time and resources on academic tutoring may bring better grades for a while, until that support tutoring is discontinued. At Austin Learning Solutions, the focus is to bring actual change to the brain, strengthening weak neural pathways and creating new neural connections for faster, more effective thought processes (better brain skills). Yes, this is our main focus every day.


Parents looking for help need accurate information about the child's strengths and weaknesses and answers to questions:

  • He used to read well... Why doesn't he like to read now?
  • Is she actually reading at grade level, or not?
  • Why does he struggle just to complete a short assignment?
  • What are my child's strongest learning channels?
  • Why is life so hard for my child?
  • What exactly are the roadblocks for my obviously bright child?
  • How can we change this?

The entry assessment (about an hour and a half) gives needed answers to those and other important questions. Within a few days, Ann reports to the parents, giving new information about the son's or daughter's real learning needs. Based on the learning skills assessment, Ann makes recommendations to provide the most effective training or therapeutic plan for each client that could include the following:

Individualized Attention

Austin Learning Solutions offers a level of attention and care that franchise tutoring centers cannot achieve, at lower financial cost. The teacher-to-student ratio is always one-to-one, and parents are coached how to make the most of this training at home.  Your child will never be in a crowded, distracting environment. Ann focuses full attention on her students to maximize the value of each session. Instead of years of dependence on tutors, most students can become independent learners, freeing them to enjoy learning and an improved social life.

Austin Learning Solutions works with parents, teachers, and other professionals as requested. Ann can attend ARD meetings and interact with classroom instructors. Parents are provided with regular reports and feedback. Your or your child's progress is continually monitored and shared with you face-to-face.